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Window cleaning

Avoid skin problems and eczema

Working in water can cause skin problems. Avoid skin contact with water as much as possible. For example, avoid squeezing the strip washer sleeve with your hands. If you get eczema or if you often work with wet hands, wear plastic gloves with cotton gloves inside and take care of your hands. It reduces the risk of skin cracks and eczema. Hos Prevent finns tips och inspiration för en säker och trivsam arbetsplats. Vi ägs av arbetsgivare och fackförbund tillsammans. https://www.prevent.se/

  1. Avoid skin problems and eczema

  2. Variation in work reduces the risk of injuries

  3. Reduce the risk of wrist damage

  4. Avoid strain of work in outermost positions

  5. Reduce strain on the neck

  6. Work at height