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Good work technique

Look at the videos of the work tasks that are relevant to you. Compare the way in which you work and consider if you need to change the working technique. The videos are about 20-60 seconds long.

Work at height

Are you going to use a ladder, lift or climbing equipment? Then it's important that you know how to work in order to avoid the risk of falling. Read more at Alltomstäd.se, under the headline Reducing the risks there is information and tips on how to work safely with ladders and lifts. Hos Prevent finns tips och inspiration för en säker och trivsam arbetsplats. Vi ägs av arbetsgivare och fackförbund tillsammans. https://www.prevent.se/

  1. Work at height

  2. Reduce strain on the neck

  3. Avoid strain of work in outermost positions

  4. Reduce the risk of wrist damage

  5. Variation in work reduces the risk of injuries

  6. Avoid skin problems and eczema

  7. Work with a mop, adjusting the mop handle

  8. Work with a mop, the push method

  9. Work with a mop, the forward figure eight method

  10. Work with a mop, the raking method

  11. Work with a mop, cleaning stairs

  12. Work with a mop, under tables and chairs

  13. Work with a mop, under benches

  14. Work with a mop, under benches whilst kneeling

  15. Work with a mop, skirting boards

  16. Wiping highly-placed sills, etc.

  17. Work with a mop, corners

  18. Emptying dustpan

  19. Work with a mop, stain removal, small stains

  20. Work with a mop, stain removal, large stains

  21. Work with a mop, the backward figure eight method

  22. Micro pauses

  23. Vacuum cleaning

  24. Machine cleaning

  25. Cleaning toilets 1, rinsing and pouring detergent

  26. Cleaning toilets 2, wiping hand basins, etc.

  27. Cleaning toilets 3, wiping mirrors

  28. Cleaning toilets 4, wiping toilets

  29. Cleaning toilets 5, mopping

  30. Wiping tables

  31. Wiping tables with interior mops

  32. Wiping switches and door handles

  33. Cleaning a whiteboard

  34. Bedding, pulling out beds

  35. Making beds, bottom sheet

  36. Making a bed with quilt cover

  37. Making beds, pillows

  38. Making beds, bedspreads

  39. Making beds, pushing in beds