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Digital formats for books

Prevent's digital books come in several different formats. When you buy a book, you can opt to download it in PDF format, or in some instances, in ePub format. PDF is a static format, designed to be read on large screens or in print, but we also produce e-books for reading on-screen (PC/tablet/smartphone) in ePub format that adapt the text to the screen, text and font size you prefer.

PDF files are read using Adobe Reader

ePub files are read using Adobe Digital Editions

Both programs can be downloaded for free.

All our products are copy-protected, and cannot be shared with other users.

How do I download an e-book to my PC/e-reader/smartphone?

Answer: ePub is the standard format for e-books and can be used on most devices (PCs, tablets, e-readers and smartphones). You simply need to install a program/app that supports the ePub format and check that your device is fully updated. There is a range of programs and apps that you can choose from. Most are free to install or are default on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Transferring an e-book from your PC to tablet or smartphone


  1. Download the e-book you want to save to a folder on your PC
  2. Open iTunes and go to Library. Select the file in the Library from the menu top left in iTunes. Alternatively, use Ctrl + O on your keyboard.
  3. Scroll to your e-book and click on Open. Your book will now be saved under Books in your iTunes library.
  4. Connect your iPad/iPhone, click on the "Books" menu in the iTunes library.
  5. Click on the iPad/iPhone icon to synchronise manually.
  6. Disconnect your iPad/iPhone and go to the iBooks app to find your e-book.

Recommended program: Apple iBooks (default) or Kobo reader


  1. Save the e-book on your PC.
  2. Connect an e-reader to your PC using a USB cable. It will appear as an external hard drive on your PC.
  3. Transfer the e-book file to your e-reader, and disconnect from the device.

Recommended program: Google Play Books (default), Bluefire Reader or Kobo reader (check your device is fully updated).

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