Organisational and social work environment, e-book
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Organisational and social work environment, e-book

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Working practically

Many workplaces need to handle and prevent conflicts, unhealthy stress and bullying. This is a practical book which gives you the support you need.

The book is based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority s provisions on organizational and social work environment, AFS 2015:4, in their entirety. Its focus is on the areas Work load, Working hours and Offensive unequal treatment. The book gives a brief introduction to working systematically with work environment and, of course, the content of the provisions. The reader then can follow three example companies and how they choose to deal with the areas in the provisions.

About the e-book

This book is an e-book (e-pub and pdf) and both are included in the purchase. You receive the e-pub directly after the purchase. If you like the pdf please contact our customer service: 08-402 02 20 or

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