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Some of our products has been translated into other languages. You can find it in our webshop.


Shift work & your health

To describe what you yourself can do when you work shifts we have put together this pamphlet which highlights some of the facts and advice from Prevent's trianing programme, Shift work and health. Click here to buy

Work and Technology on Human Terms

Work and Technology on Human Terms is a textbook for studying work science, ergonomics, human-machine systems and other similar subjects at universities of technology. Click here to buy



Chemical Substances – a database

This is a database with information about 34 000 chemical substances.
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Work Environment for Managers

Work Environment for Managers is a practical aid that lays out a handy structure for work environment management in a workplace. 

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Organisational and social work environment, e-book

Many workplaces need to handle and prevent conflicts, unhealthy stress and bullying. This is a practical book which gives you the support you need. The book is based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority s provisions on organizational and social work environment, AFS 2015:4, in their entirety.

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Handbook - Better Work Environment

This is a reference book that demonstrates the basic knowledge and skills needed to handle most of the issues concerned with work environment that may arise in a workplace. The handbook considers both the psychical work environment and the psychosocial. 

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The role of the manager and the safety representative

All efforts made in the work environment are based on collaboration between managers, safety representatives and workers. Their functions, roles and work tasks are described in this book. The book is a goodstarting-point for competence development in how managers and safety representatives can collaborate in a preventative work environment management.

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Checklists and surveys in English