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On human terms: Conditions

By checking the box on the registration page you give your consent to Prevent's storing of your e-mailadress and your name. The purpose for doing so is the handling of the online course(s) you have chosen to fulfill. The storage of your personal data is compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within the European Union.

 You always have the possibility to, at your own wish

a) Gain access to all the data we store about you

b) Ask for correction, deletion or limitation

c) Withdraw your consent for storing of your personal data

This is done by contacting our Customer Service on e-mail: kundservice@prevent.se (english speaking personell).

The persons who have access to your personal data after you have accepted the terms have the required education for handling your personal data in accordance with these terms.Your data is stored physically in a data center in Stockholm, Sweden.

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