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Prevent in the World

Sweden has a leading position in the field of health and safety. The work of Prevent attracts a great deal of interest, particularly in the field of training. Prevent is also involved in co-operation between the work environment organisations in the Nordic countries.

Prevent are also represented in, or co-operate with, a number of other international work environment organisations. The co-operation with the International Labour Office has produced in the ILO-Better Working Environment material, which was the cornerstone of health and safety work in Sweden. This material has been translated into almost 40 languages.


Prevent is represented in the international social research organisation ISSA (The International Social Security Association) and is a permanent member of ICOH (The International Congress on Occupational Health).
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EAEN - the European network for HIV and AIDS

EAEN (The European Aids and Enterprise Network) is a European network for providing information to companies about matters related to HIV and AIDS.  In January 1999 Prevent became Sweden’s national co-ordination centre for the EAEN.
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Focal Point - a European contact point

Prevent works together with the EU health and safety office in Bilbao. A European web site - Focal Point - has been set up as part of the work of this office.  The Swedish Work Environment Authority is responsible for the Swedish part of this web site.
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