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Prevent offers know-how for a better working day

Prevent is Scandinavia’s leading provider of knowledge and training in the field of health and safety.

A better work environment is good for everyone. Prevent provides knowledge on how focused health and safety work can create successful companies where everyone is safe and well. Our targeted work is backed up by solid research to ensure the greatest benefit for the workplaces.

We are a non-profit organisation owned by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and the Council for Negotiation and Co-operation (PTK).

Prevent offers know-how for a better working day

  • prevent.se provides information and news on health and safety issues
  • courses and seminars across Sweden
  • books on subjects in the field of health and safety
  • tools and methods that are easy to use
  • Arbetsliv – a free paper and online magazine
  • arbetsmiljoupplysningen.se on health and safety for beginners