Your workplace in commerce - learn about the work environment

Mainly for managers


We who made the course

The course was initiated and developed by HAK (Commercial Work Environment Committee). Supporting HAK are the Swedish Trade Federation, The Employers Organisation KFO, the Union of Commercial Employees and Unionen. The following people from HAK have largely developed the course: Maria Born from the Union of Commercial Employees, Katrin Dagergren from the Swedish Trade Federation and Kerstin Wrisemo from KFO.

Other experts that have contributed to the course with materials and knowledge are: Kerstin Ljungström from KLUAB; Ingela Dohns Husander from KvaLita Haluxa; Kerstin Lindh from S:t Erikshälsan; Carina Kiejstut from the Karolinska University Hospital; Anders Evertsson from Coop Forum. 

The contents have been verified by Mats Holmgren.

Project leadership: Prevent
Financing: AFA Insurance
Production Mainly for managers: Prevent
Production Basic module: Involve Communication